Instructions For Creating A Link Back To This Site

Here is a simple set of code for making a link from your site (your links page maybe...) back to the Dreamin site.

Simply copy and paste the code found in the box below into your html code.  This will give you the logo, link and text. 

Hint:  If you have problems getting the code to work, try pasting it into Notepad before going into your html.  This will get rid of any formatting codes that get picked up.


<!-- -->
<p align="center">
<a href="">
<img alt="DreaminBoutPeds" src="" border="0" width="389" height="92"></a><br>
<font face="Comic Sans MS" color="#800080">Free Use Pomeranian Pedigree Database<br>
All are welcome to send pedigrees and pictures.
<!-- End -->



Code displays like this



Free Use Pomeranian Pedigree Database
All are welcome to send pedigrees and pictures.






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