Instructions for Creating a Link to a Pedigree on this Site

This is an complex database that updates continuously.  As a result making a direct link to a pedigree as found in a returned search may not bring back the same dog once the db receives an update. 

The following are instructions for making a link that still brings back the desired dog, even after the db gets updated:

  1. Locate the pedigree you want from the Search page.  You will see a URL that looks something like this:  The "index=####" piece in this URL is the piece that will change with each update of the db. 
  2. In order to get a link for the dog you want you need to create a link that will work.  The required format of the URL needs to look like this:

    The order of the return criteria in the URL above is different than what is returned by the search and a specific pattern (the dog's name) is identified rather than a db index number (which will change as the database is updated).
  3. Copy the link in the above step and replace the pattern value with the name of the dog requested.  That pattern must match with what is entered in the db, which is where copy and paste comes in.  The URL above, for example, would return a dog named "John's PooBear at Home".  This is the string that would be replaced with the name of the dog required. 
  4. Since this is  a database it sometimes gets confused with spaces and special characters seen in names.  I have found that replacing the space with a + seems to work best.  I haven't had any issues in using ' or - characters, but if you find otherwise, please let me know at  Contact us at Christy @ designswithchristy . com (Remove the spaces).

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